Tight Ends


1. Kyle Pitts
Height: 6’6″ • Weight: 245
Kyle Pitts is a tight end and wide receiver hybrid. He’s a matchup nightmare thanks to his athleticism, catch radius, and sheer size. Pitts demanded double teams at Florida and still won on contested throws. If he lands with the right offense, he will be a force for a long time in the NFL.

2. Kenny Yeboah
Ole Miss
Height: 6’4″ • Weight: 250
I’m higher on Yeboah than most, but he reminds me of a lite version of Kyle Pitts. He’s a great redzone target who’s comfortable catching in heavy traffic. Yeboah is a solid blocker and has decent athletic traits. He could be a potential mid-round steal.

3. Pat Friermuth
Penn State
Height: 6’5″ • Weight: 251
Pat Friermuth is an old-fashioned hard-nosed tight end. He’s a driving blocker and while not the most athletic, he has reliable hands and his pure strength makes him a tough tackle.

4. Brevin Jordan
Height: 6’3″ • Weight: 247
Brevin Jordan is another tight end and receiver hybrid. Jordan has good athleticism and frequently made catches in traffic. His strength allows him to create mismatches. If he cleans up his route running, Jordan could become a number one tight end in the NFL.

5. Tre’ McKitty
Height: 6’4″ • Weight: 247
Tre’ McKitty may not be the flashiest prospect, but he’s still reliable. McKitty is a good blocker and a trustworthy receiver for his quarterback. His strong performance at the Senior Bowl should further raise his stock.