Running Backs


1. Javonte Williams
Height: 5’10” • Weight: 212
Javonte Williams is one of the toughest players to tackle in the draft. Williams is a driving runner with a killer stiff arm. He was also heavily involved in North Carolina’s passing game. His versatility will allow him to be a feature back in the NFL.

2. Travis Etienne
Height: 5’10” • Weight: 215
Travis Etienne was an integral part of Clemson’s offense and has the makings of a number one back in the NFL. Etienne makes smooth cuts in tight spaces, and his powerful running style paired with his slipperiness makes him a difficult tackle.

3. Najee Harris
Height: 6’2″ • Weight: 230
Najee Harris is an imposing player with incredible athleticism. Most teams will see him as a bell cow back, and rightfully so. As a runner, Harris displays great vision, patience, and is quick to make his cut when an opening presents itself.

4. Michael Carter
Height: 5’8″ • Weight: 201
Michael Carter is another talented running back from North Carolina. He is a big-play threat in open space thanks to his lateral quickness and ability to avoid contact. Similar to Javonte Williams, Carter is also a capable option in the passing game.

5. Kenneth Gainwell
Height: 5’11” • Weight: 201
Kenneth Gainwell can be a weapon for a creative offensive coordinator. Gainwell can line up anywhere on offense and thrives as a pass-catcher. As a runner, he was a threat on outside runs and was a playmaker in the open field.