EDGE Rushers


1. Jaelan Phillips
Height: 6’5″ • Weight: 260
Teams may worry that Jaelan Phillips is a one-year wonder, but he does have the most complete film in this class. As a rusher, he can use a mixture of his speed, flexibility on the edge, or his diverse set of moves to win against linemen. Phillips is also strong in run defense thanks to his instincts and ability to disengage with linemen.

2. Azeez Ojulari
Height: 6’2″ • Weight: 249
Azeez Ojulari is a raw prospect with plenty of upside. Ojulari’s athleticism is immediately apparent and his speed rush is the best tool in his arsenal. He’s an intelligent run defender who’s capable of disengaging with blockers and reacting well to plays. Further refining of his technique can unlock more of his potential.

3. Kwity Paye
Height: 6’2″ • Weight: 261
Kwity Paye is perhaps the most athletic pass rusher in the draft. As of now, Paye shines largely in run defense. He’s an intelligent defender thanks to his ability to read misdirections and seal off runners. Similar to many guys in this year’s class, Paye will need to spend time working on his skills as a pass rusher. He’s demonstrated little in terms of moves; however, the physical tools he has may allow him to blossom after some coaching.

4. Carlos Basham Jr.
Wake Forest
Height: 6’3″ • Weight: 274
Carlos Basham is a well-rounded pass rusher. His size and energy attracts double teams. He has a great initial step and pairs this with a diverse set of moves. On plays he’s blocked out of, Basham is consistent in getting his hands up. He is also an intelligent defender who’s quick to diagnose plays and is stout in run defense.

5. Gregory Rousseau
Height: 6’7″ • Weight: 266
Gregory Rousseau is a high upside EDGE rusher. Athletic and long, Rousseau relies on these traits to win against linemen. His quick initial step allows him to blow past most guys and his long arms let him maintain separation. He’s also proven himself competent as a run defender. Rousseau will need to add a set of pass rush moves to succeed at the next level. Many of his sacks at Miami were from him lining up inside against slower guards.