2021 Prospect Rankings



1. Jevon Holland
Height: 6’0″ • Weight: 207
Jevon Holland is an intelligent safety with great instincts. Holland is a capable pass defender and was particularly strong in the red zone. He’s a reliable tackler and was used often as a blitzer at Oregon. He’s capable of filling many roles on defense and encourages creativity in using him.

2. Richie Grant
Height: 5’11” • Weight: 197
Richie Grant is a hard-hitting safety who has a well-rounded game. Grant has an aggressive style of play and is always around the ball. He’s a reliable tackler and effective at blitzing. His aggression at times does lead to some mental lapses, but nothing uncoachable.

3. Trevon Moehrig
Height: 6’1″ • Weight: 202
Trevon Moehrig is an aggressive safety that’s capable of setting the tone for his defense. Moehrig consistently steps up to make tackles and is reliable in one-on-one situations versus a receiver or running back. He’s experienced in pass coverage as well. Similar to many young aggressive safeties, Moehrig will need to learn control to avoid mistakes in his game.

4. Hamsah Nasirildeen
Florida State
Height: 6’3″ • Weight: 215
Hamsah Nasirildeen will have to overcome injury concerns, but he could prove to be a steal for a team. Nasirildeen’s size and athleticism allow for versatility. He’s a reliable tackler who uses his strength to fight through traffic to wrap up the ball carrier. He’s an intelligent pass defender who reads the quarterback’s eyes and has terrific closing speed on throws.

5. Talanoa Hufanga
Height: 6’0″ • Weight: 199
Talanoa Hufanga is an aggressive and instinctive safety. Hufanga is a strong tackler who rarely lets a ball carrier escape his grasp. His coverage skills are still a work in progress, but his improvement is noticeable. In particular, his ability to read a quarterback’s eyes and his quick closing speed on throws allowed him to make several big interceptions this past season.

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