2020 Prospect Rankings


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1. Joe Burrow
College: LSU
Height: 6’3″, Weight: 221
The consensus number one quarterback in the draft. Joe Burrow has all the traits you want out of a modern-day quarterback. He has pinpoint accuracy, good pocket mobility, and is comfortable throwing on the run. No prospect is without his faults. The obvious ‘one-year-wonder’ concerns exist. And while not a noodle, his arm strength leaves some to be desired.

2. Tua Tagovailoa
College: Alabama
Height: 6’0″, Weight: 217
If there was a world where Tagovailoa has no injury history, he’d be my number one quarterback. Incredible mobility and arm talent makes him one of the most enjoyable prospects to watch. He consistently performed in big moments and has incredible experience. But his laundry list of injuries makes him one of the riskier picks in the draft.

3. Jordan Love
College: Utah State
Height: 6’4″, Weight: 224

An intriguing quarterback prospect. Jordan Love has a lot of upside and was often hurt by the lack of talent around him. He displayed great mobility and arm strength. Love will benefit from time on the bench to work on reading the field better and improving ball placement.

4. Jake Fromm
College: Georgia
Height: 6’2″, Weight: 219
The most vanilla quarterback in the draft, but I see solid traits in Fromm. He has good accuracy, is safe with the ball, and reads the field well. The lack of physical tools is disappointing. His mobility is below average, his arm talent is nothing to write home about, and he tends to drift in the pocket in the face of pressure. Not a future Super Bowl MVP, but certainly someone that can be a quarterback on a playoff team.

5. Justin Herbert
College: Oregon
Height: 6’6″, Weight: 236
I’m much lower on Herbert than most. I find him to be too inconsistent. His accuracy gets shaky as games go along and was dreadful in the face of pressure. His inability to throw on the run is concerning considering the lack of quality offensive lines in the NFL. But the first round hype makes sense when you watch his arm talent, quick release, and his decision making.

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