2019 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings


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1. Devin Bush
College: Michigan
Height: 5’11”, Weight: 234
Devin Bush’s speed is off the charts and I feel he does a great job overcoming the size difference he often faced in college. He has a great burst on blitzes forcing many early throws. His ability to recognize plays allows him to close quickly. When comparing him to Devin White, I feel Bush is more fundamentally sound, hence the higher ranking.

2. Devin White
College: LSU
Height: 6’0″, Weight: 237
Another linebacker with incredible speed, Devin White has an array of positives that make him a promising prospect. He’s an intelligent defender who is quick to react to plays. He also demonstrated his worth in pass defense. His tackling remains his biggest concern and one that could haunt him in the NFL. He’s prone to missed tackle and particularly relies on arm tackles.

3. Vosean Joseph
College: Florida
Height: 6’1″, Weight: 230
A boom-or-bust prospect, Vosean Joseph has the upside to be a dangerous linebacker in the NFL. He’s quick and used heavily as a blitzer at Florida thanks to his speed rush. He’s still rough around the edges. He takes weird angles and can be prone to missed tackles. He’ll have to improve his play strength to become a starter in the NFL.

4. Te’von Coney
College: Notre Dame
Height: 6’1″, Weight: 234
A well-rounded linebacker, Te’von Coney displayed a great motor at Notre Dame and often times appeared to get stronger as games went on. He’s an excellent tackler and does a great job diagnosing plays. He can improve his strength, as he tended to be overwhelmed by opposing linemen.

5. Cameron Smith
College: USC
Height: 6’2″, Weight: 238
Overall, a reliable linebacker. Cameron Smith has good vision and was comfortable in pass coverage. Smith was also useful in generating some pass rush and his motor is unmatched. He doesn’t have great athleticism and is prone to taking bad angles. Smith can also have some difficulty shedding guys and can be taken out of plays.