2019 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings


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1. Nick Bosa
College: Ohio State
Height: 6’4″, Weight: 266
The hype surrounding Nick Bosa is real. His quickness is outstanding and has great strength. He sheds blockers easily and has incredibly quick hands. He’s an alert defender and does a great job of flowing with a play. Assuming teams are comfortable with his injury history, Bosa should be the first prospect off the board.

2. Josh Allen
College: Kentucky
Height: 6’5″, Weight: 262
A quick pass rusher who can deliver an incredible hit. Pairing his vision with his speed, Allen is easily one of the top EDGE rushers in the draft. He also does a great job getting his hands up on plays he blocked out of and was comfortable dropping into coverage.

3. Montez Sweat
College: Mississippi State
Height: 6’6″, Weight: 260
Montez Sweat is a long and strong defender who was very capable in run defense. He has a good initial burst and was excellent at reading plays. He is still a raw prospect and his play-style tends to be a bit clunky; however, the tools are there for an elite pass rusher in the pros.

4. Brian Burns
College: Florida State
Height: 6’5″, Weight: 249
An active player, Brian Burns has a fluid style with his mixture of outside and inside rushes. His swim move is beautiful and he has little trouble separating from blockers. He’s also excellent at reading the quarterback.

5. Clelin Ferrell
College: Clemson
Height: 6’4″, Weight: 264

Clelin Ferrell is a high motor pass rusher with a great initial burst. He’s a very physical EDGE rusher and very capable of separating from blockers. He has excellent vision and is an intelligent defender. His ability to read plays allows him the ability to cover guys in the backfield and cut-off checkdowns for the quarterback.