2019 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

Running Backs

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1. Josh Jacobs
College: Alabama
Height: 5’10”, Weight: 220
In my opinion, the clear best back in the draft. Josh Jacobs is a solid blocker and was used in the passing game. He’s a fluid runner with a great combination of speed and power which makes him a tough tackle. Jacobs also has fresh legs and will be enticing to many teams.

2. Ryquell Armstead
College: Temple
Height: 5’10”, Weight: 212
An enjoyable player to watch. Ryquell Armstead brought incredible speed and energy to Temple’s offense. His initial burst is outstanding and he hits openings hard. I was a fan of his patience and moves as a runner. He’s a hard worker and keeps his feet moving throughout the play. His aggressiveness can hurt him, as he was prone to large losses.

3. Damien Harris
College: Alabama
Height: 5’10”, Weight: 216
Damien Harris brings power and quickness to the run game. Harris is a decisive runner and displays quick cuts after the initial hand-off. He also proved himself capable as a pass catcher as well.

4. Darrell Henderson
College: Memphis
Height: 5’8″, Weight: 208
A versatile running back, Darrell Henderson moved all around the Memphis offense. Despite his small size, Henderson has great strength as a runner to pair with his play-making ability which is elevated by his quickness. His vision will need to be improved and he also lacked patience as a runner.

5. Devin Singletary
College: Florida Atlantic
Height: 5’7″, Weight: 203
Devin Singletary’s size and high-volume workload in the college may scare some teams off. But to me, I see a potential number one running back in the NFL. Singletary has fantastic power, athleticism, and proved himself to be a competent blocker as well. He keeps his legs churning after initial contact and was one of the toughest backs to bring down.