2018 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings


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1. Derwin James
College: Florida State
Height: 6’3″, Weight: 215
The clear leader at Florida State, James moved all over the field. Derwin James has the ideal size and athleticism to play both safety and a hybrid linebacker role. He can be slow to react at time but this issue seems coachable. He has the upside to be a guy you build your defense around.

2. Minkah Fitzpatrick
College: Alabama
Height: 6’1″, Weight: 201
Minkah Fitzpatrick is another perfect example of today’s modern safety. His versatility is off the charts. He has the ability to play corner, safety, and a hybrid linebacker position. He was strong in run support and Alabama loved using him on corner blitzes.

3. Jessie Bates
College: Wake Forest
Height: 6’1″, Weight: 200
I was a big fan of Jessie Bates’s versatility. Bates was helpful in the run game and covered receivers as well. He does lack aggression when it comes to making tackles. Bates has a habit of allowing runners to come to him before attempting a tackle. This often times makes him susceptible to late cuts which can lead to big plays for the opposing offense.

4. Justin Reid
College: Stanford
Height: 6’1″, Weight: 204
An athletic safety, Justin Reid also showed versatility in college. Teams will love his athleticism and closing speed as well. My major concern with Reid is his slow response times to plays. Reid also falls victim to playfakes and various disguises as well.

5. Deshon Elliott
College: Texas
Height: 6’1″, Weight: 210

Deshon Elliott is an intelligent safety with fantastic anticipation. He has the desired size and length to play both safety and linebacker. There’s justified concerns about his speed. At the same time though where he’s lacking in speed he can make up for in instincts.